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"You Saved My Life"

I grew up in a poor home, with an alcoholic, abusive single father. My mother was not in the picture at all as I was taken away due to her refusal to treat her schizophrenia and drug problem. At the age of 3, she sold me for drugs which began my long process through foster homes and isolation.

You saved my life; through all my pain and sorrow, I learned that the world is more than what I had seen. I was able to be a child, and learned to love and be loved through your volunteers and staff. Your staff quickly showed me that I was in a safe place and could be a child by playing and laughing and singing and learning what a loving and understanding God we have, and that He is real.

I accepted God into my heart on my second stay and have shared a close relationship with Him since.

Your facility is a God send to those less fortunate. Whether they are poor, hurting or angry at the world, you show them another way… through God!

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