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at home

Sharing God's love with kids all over the United States through exciting activities, Bible stories, and more!

Throughout the year, kids can engage with Youth Haven at home and experience the love of Jesus right where they are! Each month, we send them a colorful, Bible-based activity booklet or newsletter filled with stories, puzzles, games, and challenges that encourage them to read their Bibles and help them understand what it means for their lives. They can find more stories, videos, and activities on our kids' website at It's an exciting way to reach kids all across the United States and help them grow in their faith!

For each activity a child completes and sends back to us, we mail a personal response and a sticker. When they earn enough stickers, they receive the next stuffed animal in our exclusive "Harvey and Friends" collection, featuring our lovable mascot, Harvey the moose, and all his friends - twelve characters in all!

and he immediately completes and sends back each and every activity thus far. Each night he sleeps with Harvey the moose. He cannot wait until he earns the next level of Harvey’s friends. He asks “if there’s  new mail for him” each and every day. Thank you.


He is so excited...

Our mail ministry currently serves approximately 1,700 children in states all around the country, from Michigan to Arizona, Florida to Washington!  Many of them do not attend church or have any other spiritual influence, so we want to make sure they can learn about Jesus at home!

In addition to the monthly activities they receive from us, the kids who are part of our mail ministry can also look forward to personal letters, postcards, and a special birthday card from us arriving in the mailbox! For many of them, it might be the only birthday card they'll receive.

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Haven for Kids Online!

We have created a haven for kids online, at! It's full of fun activities, videos, stories, answers to questions kids might have, and more. Kids love it, and parents can trust its content is safe and wholesome. Best of all, it allows us to share the hope of Jesus with kids all over our nation who are going through difficult times. We're adding new content regularly to keep kids coming back to visit. We want them to be constantly reminded that they are loved and not forgotten - not only by us, but by God!

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