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Online & Mail Ministry

Keeping kids connected and maintaining a steady positive influence

A Youth Haven scholarship provides more than a week or weekend at camp! We know how important it is for kids to receive regular support and reinforcement of the the things they learned and experienced while they were here. That's why we follow up with them through personal letters, birthday cards, newsletters, activity pages, and a kids' web site. Our follow-up materials are designed to be exciting and engaging for the kids, to help them remember the things they learned at Youth Haven, and to encourage them to read their Trailbooks (custom Bibles we send home with them).


Haven for Kids Online!

We have created a haven for kids online, at! It's full of fun activities, videos, stories, answers to questions kids might have, and more. Kids love it, and parents can trust its content is safe and wholesome. Best of all, it allows us to share the hope of Jesus with kids all over our nation who are going through difficult times. We're adding new content regularly to keep kids coming back to visit. We want them to be constantly reminded that they are loved and not forgotten - not only by us, but by God!

Mail Ministry

Each child takes home an activity page based on our current season's theme. The activity pages contain age-appropriate games and puzzles based on the Bible reading and memory verses from that theme. If they complete it and send it back to us, we send them another one, along with a Harvey sticker. Click here to learn about Harvey and Friends!


We send postcards and letters to encourage the children and let them know how much we loved having them here. Every child who writes to us also receives a personal response. Every child who comes to Youth Haven can also look forward to a birthday card from us arriving in the mailbox! For many of them, it might be the only birthday card they'll receive.

A new full-color children's newsletter goes out each month, filled with engaging stories, activities, verses, and more. Our goal is to get the kids into their Trailbooks (Bibles), help them understand what they're reading, and give them some practical ideas of how to apply that truth to their lives. And there's always an invitation to come back for more fun!

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