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Kids' Care Packs

You can be a hero by providing a care pack for a child!

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More than ever, kids right here in our nation need to know they are loved, valued, and created for a purpose. At Youth Haven, we are committed to meeting the needs of children all across the United States and sharing God's love with them. Our care packages allow us to help children who may never be able to attend our on-site adventures but need to hear about the love of Jesus. We include toys, games, snacks, fun activity pages, Bible stories, and other things that will bring them joy and hope. We want them and their families to know we care, and most importantly, God cares. 

Your staff just 'brought camp' to Carter...

I wanted to say thank you for this HUGE act of kindness!!!! I have never had anyone reach out in such a way and I wanted to tell you that this has made a very big impact, not only for Carter but for the entire family as a whole. What a wonderful blessing in such a difficult time. Thank you so much for being the light of Jesus!!!!"  


Click here to give a gift that will provide a care pack for a child.

Thank you for giving deserving children hope and showing them they are loved!

"Thank you so much! He was so excited that a package came for just HIM. He’s already assembling the LEGO’s and putting the snacks in a special spot. It was just the TLC he needed. Thanks again for your kindness, and the kindness of your donors. You’re all making a big difference in the lives of the youth you serve. "

-Kelli, Parent

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