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Parent/Guardian FAQ's

Does My Child Qualify to Come to Youth Haven?

Youth Haven is excited to offer free programs for kids who have experienced some type of hardship in their lives. This could mean many different things, but examples include children in foster care, single-parent homes, or low-income homes. Our donors make it possible for us to provide scholarships so all of these children can attend free of charge.

How Does Youth Haven Help Kids?

Our campus is a safe and fun place for kids! We feed them great food and provide for their needs while they're with us. College-age team leaders are positive role models and become like big brothers and sisters. Our team approach teaches teamwork and helps develop social skills, and we've designed our activities to encourage creativity, physical exercise, and self esteem. As a non-denominational Christian outreach, we also teach morals and values that will help the children positively impact their own schools, communities, and the world!

What Will My Child Do at Youth Haven?

Click here for more information about our day camp, weekend and summer activities. 

How Often Can My Child Attend?

Our weekend adventures for ages 7-13 take place all throughout the school year, with longer camp sessions (usually Monday through Friday) for ages 8-13 in the summer. Children are able (and encouraged) to attend once per season, for a total of five times per year: winter, spring, summer, fall, and Christmas.

What does it Cost?

We offer our programs without cost! Our donors make it possible for us to provide scholarships so all the children can attend free of charge.

My Child Has Physical or Behavioral Difficulties. Can He or She Still Attend?

When children come to Youth Haven, they will participate in camp activities as a team of five or six, as well as in large groups for our all-camp activities. To help ensure a safe and successful experience for everyone, children need to be able to function in small groups and larger group settings; we are not staffed to provide constant one-on-one care. Thank you for your understanding. 

How do I Sign My Child Up for Camp?

Click here for more information!

Parent Scheduling Info

Kids Love Youth Haven!

"Youth Haven is a place I feel confident to send him. They understand that some kids come from hard places and wouldn’t get a camp experience any other way. He is super excited every time he gets to go."  

-Foster Parent

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