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over 2100 camp scholarships were provided to more than 1100 individual children facing hardships in 2023!

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I just want to thank you & Youth Haven for everything you do for our kids...

bio, foster, and adopted. Their lives are forever changed by Youth Haven’s program. To see their relationship with God strengthen is amazing to say the least. The leaders give us so much love and support to these kids. Thanks again!


celebrating and looking ahead
from the heart of president and ceo lars carlson

There are tremendous needs in our nation right now. As our culture moves further away from God and His perfect plan, our children are suffering the consequences. Their physical and emotional needs are on the rise as a result of traumatic experiences or a lack of resources. And the spiritual needs of children right here in the United States are increasing every day. 

What a privilege to serve these kids in Jesus' name and teach them about His love! God is good, and we are celebrating all He provided and accomplished at Youth Haven in 2023. With your help, we hope to reach even more hurting kids with His love in 2024!

on-site adventures
a safe and fun environment

Over 2,100 camp scholarships were provided to more than 1,100 individual children facing hardships in 2023!

Youth Haven is a safe place for kids who are struggling with the effects of abuse, neglect, violence, poverty, and other difficult circumstances. Our day camps, weekend adventures, and summer camp sessions are filled with all kinds of fun activities, new experiences, and caring adults to meet their needs. Kids are on site almost every week of the year, many returning multiple times. And every deserving child attends free of charge, thanks to the generosity of friends like you!


Feeding the Hungry

We Served Over 19,500 Meals on Our Campuses

One of the most practical ways we can show hurting kids the love of Christ is to hand them a plate of good food. It shows them we care about their needs, and for kids who often go hungry or feel forgotten, it makes all the difference!


sharing the gospel

More than 450 Children Received Bibles and 150 Made Decisions to Follow Jesus

Every child who comes to Youth Haven for the first time receives a custom Bible, the Youth Haven Trailbook, to take home. Our programs focus on the Gospel message and the truth that each child was created for a purpose!

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Over 425 Kids Received Gifts and Heard the True Christmas Story

During the Christmas season, we gave bags of toys and gifts to children in need, all donated by friends like you. At our on-site retreats and in a special Christmas Story booklet in each bag, every child also heard the story of Jesus' birth from Luke 2.

2023 Highlights:

eternal impact
sabrina's story


Your gifts have an eternal impact for children who may never have a chance to learn about Jesus apart from Youth Haven.

Sabrina* found the hope of Jesus at Youth Haven in the midst of traumatic experiences. She had recently been removed from her home and placed in foster care as a result of neglect, emotional and physical abuse, and extreme poverty. Her foster mother described Sabrina's situation as an "unstable home moving from hotel room to hotel room, not having enough food for the family and leaving them very hungry." So hungry, in fact, that when she arrived at her foster home she was extremely underweight and began hoarding food.


At Youth Haven, Sabrina had all the delicious, nutritious food her body needed. We provided clothing, personal hygiene items, and made sure her needs were met. Our caring staff spent time with her and showed her the love of Jesus.

Most importantly, Sabrina heard the life-changing truth that God loves her and created her with a very special plan and purpose. She received a Bible of her own and began to engage with our mail ministry in her foster home. When she returned, she told us she had accepted Christ as her Savior!


Sabrina has attended our on-site programs every season since her first visit, and she continues to participate in our mail program to learn more about Jesus. Her life is one of many that have been changed forever because of the generous giving of friends like you!


*Name changed for confidentiality

Life-changing programs

We're more than a camp for disadvantaged children.

We're part of their lives.

youth haven at home

Over 1,600 Children in 15 States Were Part of Our Mail and Online Ministry

Children in 15 states now receive Bible-based activity booklets and newsletters every month! These engaging materials are designed to help them look up verses in the Bible, read the amazing stories, and understand what it all means for their lives. We hope to grow our mail and online ministry to reach even more children for Christ in 2024!


care packages

450 Children Received Care Packages from Youth Haven

As part of our Christmas outreach, we mailed care packages to children in need of Christmas joy. The boxes included toys, snacks, and an exclusive Christmas story book explaining the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus' birth. We're working on plans to expand our Care Packages ministry in 2024, so watch for more information in the days ahead!


harvey and friends

More than 850 Children Participated in our Harvey & Friends Incentive Program

To help motivate the children to read their Bibles and complete the activities we send them, we give them opportunities to earn rewards featuring our "Harvey and Friends" cast of characters. Children earn stickers and stuffed animals as they send back their activities, memorize verses, and show kindness to others. A few of our kids completed their collection in 2023!


teen discipleship

Over 170 Teens Were Involved in Our "Elevate" Teen Program 

In addition to our children's programs, we desire to help teens grow in their walk with Christ. In 2023, we purchased new study Bibles with a custom cover for teens in our "Elevate" discipleship program. We also developed leadership training and Bible studies to help guide them, both at home and on site. Our teens volunteered more than 4,500 hours with the children!


Your Help in 2024 is Vital!
Please be a hero to a hurting child by standing with us!

Everything we do is provided to deserving children free of charge, and we are not funded by state or federal support. Your financial gifts, volunteer hours, and prayers are essential to our mission!


Some of our 2024 Goals:


  • Continue to welcome as many disadvantaged children as possible to our free on-site programs

  • Complete our Arizona zipline project

  • Grow our national mail & online program to share the Gospel with more children

  • Expand our care packages ministry throughout the year

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