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Adopt a Cabin

Partner with us on a regular basis by adopting a building on our campus! This is a great opportunity for your group to have a direct impact on the lives of disadvantaged boys and girls by maintaining the buildings they use during their stay with us. 


Cabin upkeep includes cleaning, landscaping, and painting/refurbishing as needs arise. We ask you to commit to twice per year, once in the spring to prepare for summer, and again in the fall.

We currently have open cabins at our Arizona campus! Please contact Stephanie, our Director of Volunteer Engagement, if your group is interested in adopting one of our Arizona cabins. She can be reached at (520) 466-3093 or

Thank you to the following groups who have adopted cabins at the Michigan campus:


Village Hope Church  

Rabbit Hut

Owl's Perch 


Messiah Lutheran Church

Eagle's Nest

Kitty Kat Den


Bethel Church

Bear Cave

Wolf Den


Fisherman's Net Church

Bee Hive


First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

Lion's Den


Currently Available:

Deer Trail

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