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For Agency Workers



We're excited to partner with you to help meet the needs of at-risk kids and make a difference in their lives!

We offer a variety of free programs for disadvantaged children, and we're happy to be a resource for you as you look for ways to help the children and families you serve. With day camps, overnight and weekend camps for ages 7-13 all throughout the school year, and 5-day summer camps for ages 8-13, we are welcoming children to our campuses all year long! We also have occasional day camps for grades K-5 when the local school districts do not have school.

“Youth Haven provides quality programming in a safe and secure, peaceful, back-to-nature environment. My students return to school with stories of exciting activities, but beg to return to camp because they experienced genuine love and acceptance from Youth Haven’s nurturing staff.”

-Carolyn, School Counselor

Camp Scheduling Guidelines

  1. We serve at-risk kids who might not have the resources to come to camp, even for a weekend. For this reason, we offer our programs to them free of charge! Since we do not receive state or federal support and are completely funded by private donations, we ask that you only refer children who are truly in need of our help. This includes children who are:

    • victims of abuse, neglect, or domestic violence

    • in foster care

    • being raised by a single parent

    • living in low-income homes

  2. Our camp programs are organized into five seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Christmas. Each child may return as often as once per season. We encourage you to continue scheduling as many new children as you can, too!

  3. Please make sure the children you schedule are able to function well in both small group and large group settings. It's important to us that all children have a fun and safe time here at Youth Haven! During their scheduled time with us, the kids are placed on a team of 5-7 children and 1 adult. We are not staffed to provide specialized or one-on-one care. If you are not sure about a specific child, please call us! We would love to help you determine what the best option is for the child.

  4. Please be sure to coordinate transportation and have a parent/guardian complete and sign all permission forms. The children need to have these forms with them when they come to camp, so please don't mail or fax them to us. Thank you!

How to Schedule At-Risk Children for Camp

If you have never sent children to us before, please click here to complete our Agency Application.

If you have sent children to us in the past, please contact our Children's Scheduling Coordinator, Stephanie Carroll. She will be able to give you the most up-to-date information about availability and get the children in your care scheduled for a fun week or weekend with us! You can reach her at 517-569-3328 (Michigan), 520-466-3093 (Arizona), or by e-mail at

To download a printable brochure you can share with parents, please click on one of the links below:

Arizona Parent Brochure

Michigan Parent Brochure

“Our students love attending the retreats where they learn and grow. Youth Haven is truly making a difference in the lives of individual students and helping our community provide exceptional services that help enrich the lives of our youth."

-Jay, Middle School Dean of Students

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