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Helping teens reach new heights with Christ

Although children between the ages of 7 and 13 are our primary focus, we have developed a teen program for those who have turned 14 but want to continue to grow in their walk with Christ. There are also opportunities for teens who were not part of Youth Haven's programs as children to get involved with our Elevate teen program.


What is Elevate?

Elevate is a discipleship program designed to help teens reach new heights with Christ. We help them...

  • Identify where they are in their relationship with Christ

  • Grow spiritually as a follower of Christ

  • Discover how to shine His light on others

  • Develop leadership skills so they can positively impact the world around them

  • Learn what it means to be servant leaders as they follow Jesus

  • Serve God and share His love with children who need Him

What do teens who are part of the Elevate program do?

  • Elevate teens are invited to attend our children's retreats throughout the year to help our staff with the children. The children look to our teens as their big brothers and big sisters, and they need positive role models in their lives!

  • We hold special Elevate retreats throughout the year, allowing the teens to experience fun activities, build relationships with other teens who love Jesus, and study God's Word together.

  • We guide our Elevate teens through Bible studies and teach them how to apply what the Bible says to their daily lives.

  • We help the teens develop leadership skills through practical training and hands-on experience with our staff.

  • Teens who apply become recruits and go through a basic training process to qualify as Cadets. They will continue to receive training and have opportunities to advance to the levels of Senior Cadet and Captain, gaining more responsibilities along the way.


Elevate is a great opportunity for teens to gain volunteer hours if they need them for a school group, sport, or other reason. Teens who serve as part of our Elevate program make a difference in the lives of kids in their community who might never hear about Jesus anywhere else!

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"This Place Changed Me"

"Wow has this place changed me! My faith was tested by my willingness to serve the kids and be so selfless for God! I am so blessed to be able to call Youth Haven a home away from home! I am blessed to have found so many great friends! I am blessed that God called me there! Love you all and thanks for the impact you have made on my life!" - Michigan Captain

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