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Meet Our Staff

Year-Round Staff

Meet the Youth Haven staff! In addition to the team members listed here, we also have an amazing group of children's team leaders who work directly with the children.

Josh Lyon

Hiring Manager

Leadership & Support Team

Lars Carlson

President & CEO


Amy Carlson

Director of Marketing & Communications

Damon Bailey

Arizona Regional Director

Guy Placeholde.jpg

Rob Freeman

Donor Engagement Representative

Stefan Carlson

Director of Program Development & Media

Stephanie Carroll

Director of Program Scheduling & Volunteer Engagement

Josh Lyon

Hiring Manager

Michelle Pataky

Creative Assistant

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Bethany Peterson

Constituent Services Manager

Renae Veldhoven

Financial Manager

Michigan Year-Round Team

Dan Jayne

Campus Manager

Brian Haselius

Facilities & Grounds Manager

Jennifer Good


Daniel Balzer

Program Director

Assistant Program Director

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Angela Montemayor

Food Service Manager

Arizona Year-Round Team

Joe Peters

Facilities & Grounds Manager

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Josh Yaden

Program Director

Christana Newkirk

Assistant Program Director

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