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Schedule a Child

Youth Haven is excited to offer free weekend retreats and summer camps for kids who have gone through a difficult circumstance in their lives.

We're currently scheduling kids for fun on-site adventures, including exciting activities, great food, new friends, caring mentors, a chance to earn prizes, and more!


Most of our summer camp weeks are Monday through Friday, with weekend retreats on Friday through Sunday during the school year. 


To schedule a child/children for camp, please call Stephanie at one of the numbers listed below, or fill out our online form:

Please click here if you are the child/children's parent or guardian.


Please click here if you are the child/children's social worker or counselor.

We also have fun games, activities, videos, and more for kids online! Check it out at!

For more information, please contact Stephanie, our Scheduling Director.

Michigan: (517) 569-3328

Arizona: (520) 466-3093


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