2017 Christmas Giving Opportunities

2017 Christmas Giving Opportunities

Your gift can change a disadvantaged child's life this Christmas!

Lars Carlson and FamilyMy family and I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas! It is a privilege to partner with you to reach disadvantaged boys and girls with the love of Christ. There are children right here in America going to bed hungry, cold, lonely, and afraid. They don't know the hope God sent to us in the form of a baby in a manger so long ago. Because of you, we have an opportunity to meet their needs and make them feel special with a fancy Christmas dinner, fun activities, and yes, even toys. Most importantly, we can share Jesus with them, and the promise that He will never leave them! Thank you for showing these boys and girls they are loved!

Lars Carlson, President & CEO
Pictured here with his wife Amy and their sons, Stefan (right) and Lukas (left)

“Your camp is awesome. You have nice leaders. I think it is the best camp I have ever been to! Thank you for all the presents. Tell the people who donated the money thank you. I love Youth Haven."- Jade, Age 12

This holiday season, Youth Haven will welcome hundreds of children living in foster care, single-parent families, low-income homes, and other difficult situations to our Christmas retreats - free of charge! Look below to see how you can help!

Camp Scholarships

Suggested Gift: $400
or $33 monthly

Children at ChristmasJoyce has been referring children to Youth Haven for 18 years. She writes, “The children we care for are those who have been removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect. We have been able to see the visible changes that have taken place in their lives from the love and nurturing they receive at these retreats. The children look forward with anticipation to when they are able to attend, and they are the ones who encourage our newly arrived children to not be afraid or nervous to go. We consider it a huge blessing to be able to send our children to Youth Haven and have their lives impacted by the sharing of God's love in ways they can relate to."

Since these children would not be able to pay for their stay with us, every disadvantaged boy or girl who attends our programs receives a full camp scholarship. Youth Haven receives no state or federal support, but relies on your love gifts to provide those scholarship funds.

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Feeding Disadvantaged Children at Christmas

Feed a Hungry Child for a Weekend Retreat

Suggested Gift: $20 per child

So many of the kids who come to Youth Haven face hunger on a regular basis at home. Thanks to your financial love gifts, they won't go hungry when they're here with us! Our food service managers work hard to make sure every child receives plenty of delicious, nutritious food, and it's always served with smiles and love. It's one of the most practical ways to show them we care about them as we meet their physical needs.

“I love the food! You have an awesome cook." - Clarissa, Age 12

“Thank you for the food!" - Nico, Age 8

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Provide Supplies for a Weekend of our Children's Program

Suggested Gift: $150

Program Supplies for Disadvantaged Children

"Every time I come I feel good about myself. And for some reason I'm more active when I'm there." -Matthew, Age 12

We're all about meeting kids' needs, lending a listening ear, and helping them develop the confidence and appropriate behavior to have a positive influence on the world around them.

A big part of that is simply letting kids be kids. We want them to have so much fun they can't wait to come back! Your gift will help us purchase craft supplies, games, activities, decorations, and other items to provide a safe, fun environment for the children.

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Bedding for Disadvantaged ChildrenProvide Bedding for a Child's Time at Camp

Suggested Gift: $10 per child

Kids shouldn't have to feel like they can't come to camp because they don't have a sleeping bag to bring with them. At Youth Haven, clean, soft bedding is provided for everyone, so no child feels singled out or inadequate. It could be just the thing a boy or girl needs to feel comfortable and secure enough for a good night's sleep. And that means more energy for the next day's activities, a happier attitude, and a better ability to focus on the Biblical truth being taught during chapel times and team devotions.

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Warm and Safe EnvironmentGive Children a Safe & Warm Experience

Heat & Electricity Suggested Gift: Any amount will help Youth Haven meet this important weekly need!

Can you imagine waking up in the morning and seeing frost on your bedroom walls? Or dreading taking a shower because you know there won't be any hot water? Those are realities some of our children have actually faced at home. For these kids, the highlights of their time with us are warm showers and the cozy feeling of well-lit, heated buildings - things most of us take for granted.

Your gift will help keep our facilities running with electricity, heat, and hot water for the children.

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Birthday CardsBirthday Cards & Follow-Up Letters

Suggested Gift: $5 per child

"You gave me the best birthday cards ever. Thanks to you I know God loves me." -Alex, Age 11

You can help make sure each child who comes to Youth Haven receives a birthday card, as well as regular children's newsletters filled with engaging Bible stories and puzzles, exciting information about what's happening at Youth Haven, and invitations to come back for our upcoming weekend retreats or summer camp. In this age of e-mail and texting, the children think it's pretty special to get a card or letter in the mail!

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Christmas Toys for Disadvantaged ChildrenToys for Disadvantaged Children

Suggested Gift: Any Amount

You can help kids who are going through tough times at home experience the wonder of Christmas at Youth Haven! Our Christmas retreats always include a special birthday party for Jesus, where the children learn that He is the reason we celebrate. And they each receive a bag of toys as a way of showing them they are incredibly loved and valued! Our desire is to help them understand that God gave us the most precious gift of all on Christmas Day - His Son, Jesus.

Your financial gift toward our toy drive will help us provide toys for disadvantaged children. Or perhaps you love shopping and would like to donate a new toy for a child between the ages of 7 and 13. We'd love for you to drop your donation off at our office so we can thank you in person! For a list of suggested items and additional drop-off locations, please click here.

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Warm Outerwear, Clothes & Shoes, Backpacks & School Supplies

Suggested Gift: Any Amount

Warm Outerwear, Clothes & Shoes, Backpacks & School Supplies

When a child comes to Youth Haven without adequate provisions for the week or weekend, we make it a point to help meet that need. Sometimes it's a child without a change of clothes or a coat to keep warm during the winter. It could be a child whose shoes are falling apart, or a child who tells us he can't keep up in school because he doesn't have supplies at home. Your gift of any amount will help us purchase those items and hand them to a boy or girl in need.

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Financial gifts received up and above the actual cost of the individual items will be used to cover additional costs of serving disadvantaged children at Youth Haven.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!