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Christmas Giving Opportunities

Many children right here in the United States will wake up on Christmas morning with no expectation of gifts under a tree, no anticipation of gathering with their family around a table filled with good food. Perhaps they've been separated from their families, and their Christmas memories are scenes of abuse, loneliness, or violence. Or maybe they are being raised by a grandparent or single parent who is struggling to make ends meet. Hunger is a familiar feeling, and they've never experienced the excitement of unwrapping a new toy.


You can be a hero to a child facing devastating hardships this Christmas. Your gift to Youth Haven will help provide a place of safety and belonging, where their needs will be met and they will be cared for in a fun environment designed for kids. Most importantly, they'll discover the true meaning of Christmas and the love and hope that can only come from Jesus - the greatest gift of all time!


We are doing everything we can to meet the needs of hurting kids, both on site and at home. Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, we're able to provide all of this free of charge!

Please look below to see specific ways you can give during the Christmas season and share the love and hope of Jesus with a disadvantaged child!


Your $40 monthly gift will sponsor a disadvantaged child's on-site adventure.

For less than $1.50 a day, you can help kids who feel left out, forgotten, and abandoned experience a safe, fun place where they are accepted, loved, and cared for. You can give them a place to belong.


Youth Haven provides a consistent positive environment for children who haven't had much stability in their lives. Our goal is to show them God loves them and created them for a purpose. But we can’t do it without your help! We know it's important to provide our programs to them free of charge, and we don't accept state or federal support. But costs are rising, and needs are great! The average cost of meeting a child’s needs for an on-site adventure is now approximately $480. Your commitment to give $40 monthly will provide a disadvantaged child with food, shelter, bedding, fun activities, clothing and shoes, a Bible and biblical teaching, and so much more!

Your $35 gift will feed a deserving child during an on-site stay with us.

Provide food for a hungry cHILD

Handing a hungry child a plate full of delicious food is one of the most practical ways we can show the love of Christ. For many of the kids who come to Youth Haven, hunger is a daily struggle. What a blessing to care for them and meet that basic need!

With your gift of $35, you can help ensure a hungry child has plenty of good food to eat while he or she is at Youth Haven. "For I was hungry, and you fed me... I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!" -Matthew 25:35

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Your gift of $15 or $30 will place a Bible into the hands of a child or teen who may never own a Bible without you.

give a Bible to a cHILD who needs one

Every child who comes to Youth Haven receives a custom Bible known as the Youth Haven “Trailbook.” Many of them have never owned or even read a Bible before. The Trailbook contains custom pages designed to help the kids learn how to read the Bible and use it as a guide for life. Teens who are involved in our discipleship program also receive a special study Bible with a custom cover. You can  provide a Trailbook for a child with your $15 gift, or a study Bible for a teen with your $30 gift. It’s a gift that has an eternal impact!

Your gift of $30 will deliver Bible-based activities to a child at home.

share the Gospel with a cHILD at home

Help a child experience Youth Haven at home through our exciting kids’ website and monthly mailings! Each mail piece features engaging Bible stories, activities, challenges, and more, all designed to help the children learn to read the Bible and understand what it means for their lives. For more fun, they can visit our kids' website to watch videos and follow the adventures of our Youth Haven mascot, Harvey the Moose, with all his friends. For each activity a child completes and sends back to us, we mail a personal response and a sticker. When they earn enough stickers, they receive the next stuffed animal in our exclusive "Harvey and Friends" collection, featuring all twelve characters! 


Kids in 15 states currently participate in Youth Haven's at-home program, and we hope to increase that number. Most of them do not attend church or have any other spiritual influence, but with your help, they can learn about Jesus at home!


Your $30 gift will provide a year of monthly mailings and one Harvey & Friends stuffed animal for a child who needs to experience the love of Jesus!


send a care package to a deserving cHILD

Your $50 gift will send a Christmas care package to a child in need! 

You can help us share the love and hope of Jesus with children all over the United States! This Christmas, disadvantaged children can receive a Youth Haven care package filled with snacks, games, toys, hats and gloves, and more! Our care packs include a colorful booklet sharing the story of Jesus' birth and enable us to reach a greater number kids with the Gospel, expanding our mission beyond our on-site programs. 


Kids all across our nation need hope and love. A care package is a practical way to meet a child's needs and share the love of Jesus with a family that is struggling to make ends meet!

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