Your gift can change a disadvantaged child's life this Christmas!

Youth Haven President Lars Carlson and FamilyMy family and I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas! It is a privilege to partner with you to reach disadvantaged boys and girls with the love of Christ. There are children right here in America going to bed hungry, cold, lonely, and afraid. They don't know the hope God sent to us in the form of a baby in a manger so long ago. Because of you, we have an opportunity to meet their needs and make them feel special with a fancy Christmas dinner, fun activities, and yes, even toys. Most importantly, we can share Jesus with them, and the promise that He will never leave them! Thank you for showing these boys and girls they are loved!

Lars Carlson, President & CEO
Pictured here with his wife Amy and their sons, Stefan (right) and Lukas (left)

If you have questions or prefer to give a donation over the phone, please call our office at 888-793-6260 between 8-5 EST.

If you would prefer to give your gift using PayPal, please click here to visit the Youth Haven PayPal donation page. Thank you!