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Harvey & Friends

Harvey and Friends logo horizontal.png

Meet Harvey, the Youth Haven mascot, and his lovable friends! Harvey and Friends are now part of the entire children's program at Youth Haven - summer camp, weekend retreats, mid-week programs, and follow-up!

While they're at Youth Haven, the kids have an opportunity to meet and interact with Harvey in person! He'll appear periodically throughout the retreat to help explain rules, give a few high-fives, pass out prizes, and maybe even ride the zipline!

Each of the Harvey and Friends characters has a corresponding stuffed animal, wearing a t-shirt with the Youth Haven logo on it. Throughout their time at Youth Haven, the children can earn stickers for memorizing verses, completing an activity booklet, following the safety rules, and being a good friend to their teammates. They can also earn stickers for completing take-home activity sheets and mailing them back to us, or bringing their Trailbooks with them each time they return. (Trailbooks are custom Bibles the children receive at Youth Haven.) When they've earned enough stickers, they are rewarded with their very own Harvey and Friends stuffed animal! Every child has the ability to collect all six animals.

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