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Mission & Purpose

Youth Haven's mission is to provide life-changing, Christ-centered experiences for disadvantaged children.

Youth Haven is committed to meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of disadvantaged children. This includes boys and girls living in foster care, single-parent families, or low-income homes, as well as children who have experienced abuse, neglect, gang violence, or even a parent in prison.

Our programs include:

Through all of these methods, children  learn they are loved, valued, and have the potential to do something great with their lives. Most importantly, they discover God loves them, created them for a purpose, and will never leave them, no matter what they might be going through.

At Youth Haven, hurting children find hope. And it's life-changing!

Smiling Child

Breaking the Cycle

"The state is always wondering how we can break this cycle of dysfunctional families, abuse, and hurting children in the system... and places like Youth Haven are how we do that." 

-Courtney, Agency Partner

You Can Help!

Youth Haven was established in 1968 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that does not receive state or federal funding. The children we serve have limited resources and opportunities, so we provide these experiences to them free of charge. Love gifts from financial supporters show less fortunate children they are loved, cared about, and not alone!

Your gift to Youth Haven provides disadvantaged children with...

  • A safe and fun environment, on site or online

  • A variety of engaging activities

  • Food, personal hygiene items, school supplies, toys, and clothing as needed

  • Youth Haven Trailbooks (Bibles)

  • A chance to connect with other kids facing similar circumstances

  • Caring adults who demonstrate the love of Christ and teach Biblical principles

  • Steady positive influences

Click here to give now, and change the life of a child!

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