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Emma's Story

Your gifts are bringing hope to hurting kids at a time when they desperately need it! Hurting kids like Emma (name changed for confidentiality).

When Emma was nine years old, she and her two younger siblings were placed in foster care after experiencing traumatic domestic violence. The love and care of their new foster parents helped them begin the long healing process, but they were unfamiliar with God’s love and how to turn to Him for strength and comfort. Then, another tragedy struck. Their foster father passed away just five months after they were placed in the home. Suddenly, they were struggling with more uncertainty and grief.

That’s when their foster mother heard about Youth Haven on Family Life Radio and reached out to us for help. “I would love to have them covered in prayer,” she wrote. “I need help to introduce them to the word of God in a new, fun, and exciting way. I believe your ministry will bring peace and a new understanding of who they are in Christ.”

Emma was eager to enroll in a week of our “Spy Academy” virtual summer camp. Our team carefully packed her box of supplies and delivered it to her in person, including Harvey and Rascal for a fun surprise! Her foster mother sent us this note: “Thanks for the delivery. You made Emma feel so special. I didn’t realize the whole team was coming. That was awesome. God bless you as you bless others.”

Throughout the week, Emma watched all the livestreams, chatted with our staff over Zoom, and had fun completing a variety of activities we provided. She learned that God is trustworthy, that He loves her, and that He is all-powerful. And we’ll continue to reinforce those truths with her frequently through the mail, on our kids’ web site, and at our on-site programs whenever she is able to attend.

Thank you for making a difference in Emma’s life, and in the lives of many other hurting children!


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