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Christmas Giving Opportunities

Change a disadvantaged child's life this Christmas!

Bibles for Children and Teens

Suggested Gift: $10

Your gift of $10 will place a Bible into the hands of a child who may never have seen one before. Every child who comes to Youth Haven receives a Bible to take home, known as the Youth Haven “Trailbook.” It has a custom cover and full-color pages inside that teach important concepts, like how to use their Bibles and the ABC’s of Salvation. This Christmas season, we are also introducing a new customized Bible for our teens, called the “Flight Manual.” You can ensure a child goes home with a Bible of his or her very own!

"One little boy who was new this

weekend was absolutely THRILLED with his Trailbook. Every time I saw him, he would show off his Trailbook, and show me where he was reading. I’m always encouraged when kids are so excited about their Trailbooks because I know God can do great work through His Word even if the kids are not in a place where they hear about Jesus at home."

-Jana, Michigan Program Director


Food for a Hungry Child

Suggested Gift: $25

"I sent a little girl to Youth Haven just recently... and she said, ‘The food is so good! They give us lunch, and dinner, and breakfast!’

So many of our children are hungry!"

-Carolyn, School Counselor

This Christmas season, you can provide meals and snacks for a child’s entire weekend stay at Youth Haven for just $25! Hunger is a problem many kids face on a daily basis, right here in America. We want them to know their needs will be met at Youth Haven, and providing them with three delicious meals a day, plus snacks in between, helps them feel secure in that truth. Youth Haven served over 27,000 meals to hungry children last year! Making sure they are well fed and nourished makes a big difference in their behavior, their attitudes, and their physical health.


Harvey and His Lovable Friends

Suggested Gift: $6

"Harvey always has a smile. Harvey, we love you!"

-Alecia, Age 10

Your gift of just $6 provides a Harvey and Friends stuffed animal for a child!

In our last newsletter, we introduced you to Harvey, the Youth Haven mascot, and his lovable friends. Harvey and Friends are fun characters we’ve incorporated into our children’s program as a way of encouraging the kids to stay engaged and read their Trailbooks (Bibles). There are multiple ways a child can earn stickers, including good behavior, memorizing verses, and completing activity sheets based on what they’re learning at Youth Haven. It only takes one sticker to earn a Harvey stuffed animal, and as they earn more stickers, they can collect the other animals! Many of the children have already earned their second character, Rascal the Raccoon. We’ll also be adding new Harvey and Friends items the kids and teens can earn. Click here to see all the characters!


Click here to give a gift that will help provide these things for a deserving child this Christmas. Thank you!

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