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Urgent Need: Give a Child Water!

Arizona Well Replacement

$120,000 Need

Running water is essential for our on-site programs. Safe, clean drinking water is one of the most important things we provide for the children while they're with us. And water activities play a key role in keeping the children from overheating, especially during the hot days of the summer in Arizona. Quite simply, without water, we could not bring children to our campuses.

Unfortunately, due to some recent changes in irrigation practices around our Arizona campus, the water table has rapidly dropped below the level needed for our current well pump. Our choices were to drill a deeper well or risk running out of water and being forced to cancel our summer camp program.

We didn't want to turn kids away, so we stepped out on faith and began the process of drilling a new well, trusting God to provide the resources. We believe it is no coincidence that part of our Bible teaching this summer is about God providing water for the Israelites in the desert!

Perhaps God wants to use you to meet this urgent need! You can help provide water for a child by giving a special gift toward the well replacement. In order to reach the same depth as the farmers' wells around us, we need to drill to 1,000 feet, at a cost of approximately $120,000. Please prayerfully consider how you can help. Thank you!

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