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You Can Show Hurting Children Life-Changing Love!

Summer isn’t always filled with carefree days and peaceful nights. Many children spend their days alone, left to fend for themselves in an unsafe neighborhood. They’ll spend their nights fearful of abuse, wondering if there will be food for them to eat in the morning.

For many of the children we serve, their week at Youth Haven is the one thing that will get them through a hard summer. And it will be the fond memory they look back on years later, when they remember the love they felt, the exciting activities they had a chance to experience, the good food they tasted, and the new friends they shared it all with.

When you give to Youth Haven, you provide an environment where kids from traumatic backgrounds can feel safe, know their needs will be met, and simply have fun with other kids who can relate to them because they’ve experienced hardships, too. Most importantly, you help them discover the life-changing love of Jesus. When you give, you become a child’s hero!

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