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You are Part of a Local Mission Reaching Children in Need

Right here in the United States, a mission field greets us every day.

The CDC reports that the percentage of children who endured the most severe forms of violence in the past year is higher in Northern America than almost any other region of the world.

Kids all around us are facing the trauma of abuse, neglect, and violence. It affects their development, their behavior, and their outlook on life. It’s hard for them to have hope when all they know is hardship.

When you support Youth Haven, you are part of a local mission that is reaching out to kids from desperate situations to meet their needs and share the love of Jesus with them.

Each aspect of our programs is designed for one purpose: to share the Gospel with kids who aren’t hearing it anywhere else. All throughout the year, we welcome disadvantaged kids to our campuses in Michigan and Arizona, where they can have fun, enjoy the great outdoors, interact with other kids and caring adults, and learn biblical truth — all in an environment where they know they are safe. And when they’re not here with us, we connect with them through the mail, a kid-friendly website, and programs in our local communities.

All of this is possible because friends like you care. Thank you for helping children in need!

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