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You are Giving Children Hope for the Future!

Children deserve to be loved and nurtured. Yet a heartbreaking number live in conditions where their needs are not being met. Many of them face poverty and hunger on a daily basis. Others have endured abuse, neglect, drug exposure, or domestic violence. How can they have hopes and dreams for the future when they’re just trying to make it through today?

Your support of Youth Haven has a lifelong impact on children facing all kinds of hardships! Your gifts provide a safe and loving environment for those kids, where they receive food, clothing, and other basic needs. Where they can forget about their struggles for a while and simply have fun with other kids and caring adults. Where they learn biblical truth and discover that God loves them and created them for a purpose.

Every child who comes to Youth Haven receives a customized Bible we call the Trailbook to take home. Through our mail ministry, the children also receive frequent newsletters, activity pages, birthday cards, and personalized letters that reinforce the truth we’re teaching in our on-site programs. Stories and activities encourage them to read their Trailbooks, and we always remind them God loves them, and so do we!

Your gifts make this possible. We provide our programs to all disadvantaged kids free of charge, and we’re not funded by state or federal support. When you give to Youth Haven, you are giving children hope for a future that is so much greater than the past they’ve endured! Thank you!

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