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Winter Camp

There's something special about winter camp!

Kids need to be active and enjoy fun things to do. They need in-person interaction with others, even if masks and social distancing are required. They need to be assured that God loves them, and we do, too!

For kids who are struggling with hardships on a daily basis, winter at Youth Haven is a special opportunity to engage in fun indoor and outdoor activities with other kids. It’s good food warming them from the inside out. It’s caring adults taking the time to listen to them and encourage them, and it’s the Gospel message giving them hope.

We’re grateful to provide that experience for these kids, and to teach them that God cares about everything they’re going through. But we couldn’t do it without you! Every deserving child comes to Youth Haven free of charge. It is only through your financial gifts that we are able to meet their needs and share God’s love with them.

Thank you for investing in the life of a child!

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