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Showing Kids God's Love

New and Expanded Programs!

A Letter from the President

God has done some incredible things at Youth Haven over the past few months, as we have launched several new programs and expanded others to show more disadvantaged children His love. He has allowed us to continue meeting the needs of kids who have been part of our programs in the past, but also to provide for kids who might not be able to attend our on-site programs for some reason.

During our “Spy Academy” virtual summer camp, kids were excited to watch our livestreams and talk to our staff over Zoom calls each day. They watched videos and completed a variety of fun indoor and outdoor activities, using supplies we delivered or mailed to them ahead of time. Through all of it, they learned that God is trustworthy, loving, and all-powerful, even when life seems difficult and confusing.

We also expanded our birthday outreach to include in-person deliveries of gifts and treats to children on their birthdays. We launched a brand new “care packs” initiative for children in need, sending or delivering boxes loaded with snacks and fun things to do. We’re mailing kids letters, newsletters and activity pages more frequently and posting similar content and videos on our kids’ web site. Our goal is to let them know they are loved and not alone!

Because these initiatives have been so effective, we’re excited to continue them in addition to our on-site programs this fall! We remain committed to offering all our programs to less fortunate kids free of charge. Thank you for standing with us to make that possible!

Your Mission Partner,

Lars Carlson

President & CEO

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