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Reaching More Kids through Virtual Camp

We’re inviting hurting kids from all over the US to register for a week of our online Spy Academy. Each child will receive a Spy Kit at the beginning of the week, filled with all the supplies they need and a special code to access the content on our Spy Academy website. Throughout the week, they’ll complete a variety of fun activities, watch funny and exciting livestreams and videos from Youth Haven, and even have a chance to interact directly with our staff. The important truths that God is trustworthy, God listens to them because He loves them, and God is powerful will be woven throughout all of it.

Kids will also be invited to join us on site for day camps as part of their Spy Academy experience.

Many of the children who are signed up to be part of our Spy Academy this summer have been facing hardships that are simply devastating. We have an opportunity to show these kids that we love them, we’re still here for them, and most importantly, God loves them and is always with them, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Like all of our programs, we’re offering this free of charge to hurting kids. Your gifts make that possible! Thank you for helping us expand our ministry to reach more kids with God’s love through the virtual realm! We hope to continue this type of program in seasons to come!

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