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Progress Update: Dorm Upgrades

The children deserve the best facilities we can possibly provide, so we’re busy remodeling two more dorms at our Michigan campus to include bathrooms!

The bathrooms in the first three dorms have already been an incredible blessing. There’s no longer a need to walk across the field when a child needs to use the restroom in the middle of the night! That has been especially helpful during rainy weather and throughout the cold winter months.

Our goal is to have the two new dorms completed before the beginning of our summer season. As in the first three dorms, the bathrooms include showers for the kids. New drywall, paint, and flooring are also part of the remodeling process.

We’re so thankful for the wonderful volunteers who have joined our hard-working facilities staff to help make this possible. We’re also very grateful to everyone who has given a financial love gift to help make this a reality for the kids. Additional funds are still needed, so any gifts you feel led to give toward this project would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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