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Program Highlights

Summer in the Great Outdoors

Outdoor play is an important part of a child’s health and development. Kids need exercise. They need opportunities to learn problem solving and teamwork through outdoor games and sports. They need to listen to a bird’s call or look up at the night sky and marvel at God’s awesome creation.

This summer at Youth Haven, kids will experience the great outdoors through a variety of safe and fun activities that encourage physical exercise and exploration. They’ll have a chance to see and touch the animals at our petting farm. They’ll learn about Creation and the wonders of the universe through stargazing or at our observatory. They’ll swim, ride bikes, run, play games, and breathe fresh air. And every chance we get, we’ll point them to the God who gave them the great gift of nature and created them to enjoy it!


Many of the kids who come to Youth Haven have been treated as if they’re not important. They’re looking for something to make them feel valued. Something special to be a part of. Something to belong to.

The Youth Haven Adventure Club offer kids between the ages of 7 and 13 a chance to become an adventurer! Kids who join will receive a welcome kit filled with all kinds of fun things an explorer needs: binoculars, a flashlight, an adventure journal, and more, with an Adventure Club bag to carry it all.

A secret password printed on their membership badge will grant them access to all kinds of fun content in the Adventure Club section of our website. They’ll be able to watch amazing videos, complete challenges using the tools in their welcome kits, share activities and photos with other adventurers, and earn rewards. They’ll even be able to download an Adventure Club app! Each month, the children will also receive a colorful, engaging mail piece with stories and activities.

Using the Trailbook (Youth Haven’s custom Bible) as their guide, the children will learn all about God’s amazing world and how we should live when we choose to follow Jesus.

We’re excited about this brand new program and its potential to not only stay engaged with the kids who come to Youth Haven, but also to reach even more kids who may not be able to attend our on-site programs! Thank you for making it possible!

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