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Program Highlight: Kids' Klub

Child at Kids' Klub

Did you know Youth Haven has mid-week programs for children in need in our local communities? In addition to our on-site programs, our staff also have an opportunity to interact with children in specific low-income housing areas on a weekly basis all throughout the school year.

Our Kids’ Klub program takes games, snacks and Bible stories to kids right in their own neighborhoods! Kids’ Klub allows us to teach, listen, and show love to boys and girls even if they aren’t able to attend our on-site programs for some reason. Each child also receives a Youth Haven Trailbook (Bible), toys at Christmas time, and other special gifts and rewards throughout the year.

We recently added a new Kids’ Klub location in Arizona, not far from our campus. And in Michigan, many of the kids attend every week. Jana Horton, Michigan Children’s Program Lead, says, “This year we have been spending some time each week in small groups, which has helped us develop strong relationships with some of the kids who come back repeatedly.”

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