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Program Highlight: Focus on Creation

A child looks through a telescope at the observatory

A key component of our programs is introducing the children to a loving and perfect God who created everything - including them - for a purpose. We’ve incorporated this intentional focus on biblical Creation into every area of our outreach, from mail pieces that explain what it means to be created in God’s image to a special video series on our kids’ web site that teaches them all about God’s amazing universe. (Check it out at!)

As part of our on-site programs, every child who comes to Youth Haven has a chance to explore the great outdoors, interact with animals at the petting farm, and experience the wonder of the night sky. In Michigan, that includes looking through telescopes at our observatory, which was donated by the family of a local amateur astronomer several years ago.

We are excited to add a new facility to house our portable planetarium and showcase the 6 days of Creation! We are currently remodeling a storage building at our Michigan campus to make this possible, and we hope to be able to develop a similar space at our Arizona campus soon.

If you would like to help provide the technology and imagery to bring Creation to life for the kids, your gift toward the new Creation facility would be greatly appreciated. You can click here to give securely online. Thank you!

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