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Program Highlight: ELEVATE!

Did you know Youth Haven has a teen program in addition to our children’s programs? ELEVATE focuses on discipleship and leadership training for teens between the ages of 14 and 17. Teens who are part of ELEVATE are invited to attend special retreats throughout the year that are designed to help them grow in their walk with Christ. They can also apply to become “Cadets” and serve as volunteers, helping our staff with the children during weekend retreats and summer camp. Our teens gave over 7,000 hours of volunteer service in 2019! A special banquet was held the first week of January to honor them for their service.

This year, we’re excited to introduce a new custom Bible similar to our Youth Haven “Trailbook,” but with customized pages that specifically address questions our teens are facing as they learn to shine the light of Christ in today’s world. Since ELEVATE has an aeronautical theme, we’ve called the Bible the “Flight Manual,” and each of our teens will receive a copy. If you are interested in giving a gift to help make that possible, the cost of the Bibles is approximately $11 each. Thank you!

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