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Preparing for the Future

Exciting Program and Facilities Update!

In addition to preparing care packages and creating content for our new kids’ web site, our team has been busy putting together messages, devotions, decorations, and skits for our upcoming theme: Daniel in the Lions’ Den. We’re looking forward to teaching the kids about trusting God and remaining faithful to Him, even when it means taking risks.

We’re also excited about the progress that has been made on our new pool and bathroom additions on the dorms at our Michigan campus. Crews were able to finish the framing and concrete for the pool (top photo), and holes have been dug for the foundation of the bathrooms on three of our dorms (bottom photo). They’ve been inspected and footers installed, and concrete will be poured soon! A fourth building that holds two additional dorms is also being remodeled to include a brand new bathroom for the kids.

It’s essential for us to finish these projects, and we are trusting God to provide the additional funds necessary to complete them. The pool is a vital ministry tool on hot days, and we believe it’s important to provide running water and bathroom facilities in the dorms.

If you’re able to help financially with the cost of either of these projects, your gift would be so greatly appreciated! Click here to give. Thank you!

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