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New and Improved

Exciting Update!

We are thrilled to have some wonderful new facilities and activities for the children! Thank you to everyone who has given toward these projects! We still have additional needs for our dorms, the pool shade in Arizona, and the new ziplines. We would be grateful for any help you feel led to give. To give, please click here. Thank you!

Pool Projects

Our new pool in Michigan is ready for its first summer of use! Swimming is a favorite activity for the kids, and it’s a great way to keep them active and cool at the same time. In Arizona, we’re adding sun shades to our pool that will shade some of the water in both the deep end and shallow end, allowing kids to get out of the sun if they want to. It will also provide shade for our lifeguard’s chair, which is essential during the heat of the day!

Michigan Dorms

Three of our Michigan dorms are nearing completion, with bathrooms added so the children no longer have to walk across the field to use the bathroom in the middle of the night! We’re excited for kids to be able to use these dorms this summer. We are now working on the same upgrades in the fourth dorm!


We’re upgrading our zipline in Michigan to a slightly longer two-line zipline with parallel lines so more kids can use it in the same time period. We’re also hoping to add a zipline at the Arizona campus, which will provide another fun outdoor activity for the children.


Giving Opportunity: New Beds

Many of the children who come to Youth Haven don’t have ideal sleeping conditions at home. You can help provide a safe, comfortable bed for them to ensure they can experience a restful night’s sleep at Youth Haven!

We’re working to replace our older bunk beds with new bunk beds and waterproof mattresses. The beds include guard rails and ladders and will be durable, sturdy, and comfortable for the children, as well as easier for our staff and Adopt-a-Cabin volunteers to maintain.

We need to replace an estimated 100 bunks, for a total of 200 beds to complete our dorms in Michigan and Arizona. Each bunk with two mattresses costs approximately $650. If you feel led to help financially with this project, we know the children will be grateful. Thank you!

To give, please click here. Thank you!

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