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Michigan Dorm Upgrades

Our dorms are an important part of creating an environment where disadvantaged children feel safe, comfortable, and have their needs met. Our Michigan dorms have served us well for many years but are in need of several upgrades. These include:

  • Adding bathrooms inside the dorms for use by the children and staff as needs arise, especially throughout the night

  • Installing a new, energy-efficient heating and cooling system to help the children sleep more comfortably

  • Upgrading the interior walls to drywall to create a more cozy environment and help control noise

  • Covering the cement floor with new flooring

  • Adding an enclosed porch area where children and staff can remove their shoes and any wet or dirty outdoor gear

  • Purchasing new beds and mattresses for the kids and staff

We need your help to cover the costs of these upgrades. We estimate the cost to be approximately $75,000 per building, and we're currently working on four. Please prayerfully consider a special gift toward the dorm project to help the children feel loved and valued. Thank you!

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