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David's Story

Meeting kids' needs in creative and meaningful ways

David* was adopted from foster care, the middle child of three siblings. His older brother has special needs, and being the sibling of a special needs child comes with its own set of emotional struggles. Over the past couple of years, Youth Haven has provided an opportunity for David to take a break from his worries and simply be a kid - having fun with other kids facing similar challenges.

Due to an immune disorder, David has only been able to attend our on-site programs in the summer or early fall. Once cold and flu season hits, his activities are limited. You can imagine what that meant for him when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Isolation. Loneliness. Fear. What a blessing to be able to encourage him, show him how special he is, and remind him that God loves him and is always with him!

Our on-site programs are only part of our mission to help disadvantaged children. As soon as schools began closing and governors began issuing stay-at-home orders, our team jumped into action, devising ways to expand our follow-up programs and meet the needs of our kids in creative and meaningful ways. We were able to engage with David and other struggling children through our kids’ website and through the mail, including care packages. Here’s what David’s mother had to say:

“Thank you so much! He was so excited that a package came for just HIM. He’s already assembling the LEGO’s and putting the snacks in a special spot. He didn’t have good crayons here either, and that Uno game looks really fun. He’s even excited about having his own personal care stash. Being 12 is tough, as is being a middle child, and a sibling to a child with disabilities. With all the changes going on, it was just the TLC he needed. He plans to plant his beans and even use the box and filling to make a bird house! He is a big science guy. A Jesus loving science guy! Thanks again for your kindness, and the kindness of your donors. You’re all making a big difference in the lives of the youth you serve.”

*name changed for confidentiality


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