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Katie's Story

Your gifts and prayers help bring light into a dark world for children like Katie*!

Her foster mother explained, “Katie experienced a very traumatizing childhood. Her mother and father both had issues with addiction. She has experienced neglect and abuse. She and her siblings were placed in foster care 2 years ago and first lived in a group home.”

It was while she lived in the group home that Katie came to Youth Haven for the first time. Here, she was not only accepted, she was loved. Her needs were met, she had a chance to engage in all sorts of fun childhood activities, and she didn’t have to be afraid that someone might hurt her. She learned about God’s love for her and received a Bible, known as the Youth Haven Trailbook, to take home.

Her world was torn apart as two of her siblings left the group home. She was separated from her youngest brother first when he was fostered, then from one of her older sisters after a suicide attempt. Through this heartbreaking time, she continued to come to Youth Haven, and our staff were a reassuring presence in her life. Through our on-site and mail programs, she was constantly reminded that God loved her and would never leave her.

She and her older sister were then placed in a foster home with the intent to adopt them both, but Katie was disrupted after just 2 months because her foster parents were unable to cope with her behavioral issues. She and another sister were then placed with their current foster family. When her new foster mother heard what a positive influence Youth Haven was in Katie’s life, she reached out to schedule Katie for another retreat!

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Youth Haven has been a steady part of Katie’s life when so much has been uncertain and confusing for her. And she has never exhibited behavioral issues here. We believe that’s because Katie knows she is loved, and she knows Jesus loves her even more. Because you care, her dark world is a little brighter.

*Name changed for confidentiality


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