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Help Meet the Needs of a Deserving Child!

Children should never have to face the trauma of abuse, abandonment, violence in and around their homes, or poverty.

They deserve safety and security, a chance to be carefree and have fun, and the assurance that their needs will be met. They deserve to know they are loved and their lives are worth something.

When you give to Youth Haven, you can help make sure children in need receive the love and care they deserve!

Your gifts help provide safe and fun adventures at our campuses in Michigan and Arizona. And when the kids aren’t on site, they can experience Youth Haven at home through our growing mail and online ministry.

As we enter into our fall season, we know more and more families are facing financial hardships. Unfortunately, kids are often the ones who suffer the most as a result.

With your help, we can meet their needs, provide fun activities for them, and show them how incredibly loved they are − not just by us, but by God! Thank you for being part of our team!

Click here to give now!

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