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Help Children Hear About God's Love

Dear Caring Friend:

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least! It has been a year filled with challenges for many people and organizations across our country, including Youth Haven.

Yet, through all the challenges, we’ve been excited to see God grow the ministry to reach hundreds and hundreds of children in our local communities and around our nation. The difficulties we faced this year forced us to think creatively about our ministry model, to find additional ways to share God’s love and meet the needs of hurting children.

We made some adjustments to abide by health and safety guidelines, but the pandemic did not stop God from working! Whenever possible, we continued to welcome children to our campuses and hold our Kids’ Club after school programs in low-income housing communities. We visited kids with gifts and treats on their birthdays, affirming that they are loved and valued. We also mailed or personally delivered hundreds of care packages to children in need, with snacks, toys, games, Bible stories, and other items to bring them joy. Over 300 children across 5 states participated in our first-ever virtual camp over the summer, where they learned God is all powerful, trustworthy, and loving. We hand wrote well over 1,000 letters and sent them to kids who needed encouragement and hope during difficult times. We launched a new children’s web site full of fun activities, videos, challenges, and more. And close to 1600 children now receive newsletters, activities, and Bible stories in the mail every month. Our post office box has been overflowing with the responses they are mailing back to us!

This has all been possible because of the faithful support of so many caring friends like you! We provide all of these opportunities free of charge for kids who are facing difficult circumstances, and we’re not funded by state or federal support. Your gifts make it possible for us to help children with tremendous needs.

We are so grateful for all God has done this year, but we know there is much more to do. Right now, we’re receiving more requests for help than ever. Heartbreaking requests, like these:

“My daughter’s children have been neglected by their biological father. He provided the children with marijuana and alcohol. He is currently incarcerated for said involvement. She is working to have parenting time changed to only supervised visits for him, upon his release.”

“I recently divorced and with COVID I am behind on all my bills. I have been trying to get things caught up so I can give them the Christmas they deserve, but it’s not looking too promising.”

“This year has been like no other we have ever experienced, overall has been devastating.”

“I am currently going through a divorce. My son has seen domestic violence against me. Most of our family does not speak to us... I am also low-income. It’s just an all around sad time for him and I.”

“Mother is terminally ill with cancer and financially in need. They have 9 children. Father is working and trying to hold it all together. Teacher and social worker would like to see this family get help.”

“I have no help or income at this time. I am a single mother of three and unable to provide Christmas for my children who deserve the world. Without your program they will not have a Christmas and as a mother it hurts me so much to know that.”

This mother’s plea in particular speaks to the reality that these families are looking to Youth Haven for more than just help... they are looking for hope. We have an opportunity to offer that hope, but we can’t do it alone. We need your financial support to meet the needs of a growing list of children and share God’s love with them!

At this critical time of year, as we’re welcoming children to our campuses during the Christmas season and closing out 2020, we need your help so we can finish strong and meet the financial needs that we have. Please prayerfully consider giving a special year-end gift to help disadvantaged children hear about God’s love through Youth Haven’s programs.

Your year-end gift would be an incredible blessing and help us set the stage for all God has in store in 2021. With your help, we look forward to serving thousands of kids in 2021!

Thank you, and may you and your family have a blessed New Year!

Your Mission Partner,

Lars Carlson

President & CEO

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