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Help a Hurting Child Find the Hope of Jesus!

Right now, in your very own community, a child is crying out for help. Maybe it’s a child who suffered from abuse or neglect and is now being shuffled from one foster home to the next. Perhaps it’s a child with a parent in prison, or one who doesn’t always feel safe as a result of domestic violence or drugs in the home. Or maybe it’s a child who goes to bed hungry every night because money is scarce, and there just isn’t enough to go around.

There is hope for these kids, and with every gift to Youth Haven, you help another child find that hope!

Our on-site adventures, community outreaches, and at-home experiences are designed to meet the needs of kids who are struggling. We provide for their physical needs like food, clothing, and a safe environment. We help meet their emotional needs by showing them they are loved and valued. And we focus on their spiritual needs as we share the love of Jesus and the hope that comes from knowing He will never leave them or abandon them!

All of this is offered free of charge because of friends like you.

Thank you for helping a hurting child find hope!

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