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Help a Hurting Child Find Hope this Summer!

Right outside your front door lies a mission field.

Every day in the United States, children struggle with difficult circumstances no child should have to face. Abuse, neglect, domestic violence, poverty, and other hardships take their toll on our kids’ physical and emotional wellbeing.

They need to know they’re not alone. That someone cares and sees value in them. Even more, they need to know Jesus loves them and will never leave them, forget about them, or hurt them.

When you give to Youth Haven, you make it possible for a hurting child to experience fun and safety. You help provide food, clothing, a custom Bible, and other important needs. Most importantly, you help that child discover Jesus and the hope that only His love can give.

We offer our programs to disadvantaged children free of charge and do not accept state or federal funding. Your gifts play a vital part in the healing these kids need. Thank you for helping them find hope!

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