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Help a Deserving Child Find Hope!

You could be the one who helps a disadvantaged child discover there is hope for the future!

Maybe it’s a child like Savannah (name changed for confidentiality). Savannah first came to us through an agency that frequently schedules children to attend our programs. We didn’t know all the details about her situation at home; we just knew it was hard, and she needed our help.

Most kids who come to Youth Haven are looking for love and acceptance, and that’s exactly what Savannah found the moment she stepped onto our campus. For a few days, she was able to forget about the difficult circumstances at home and just have fun. She didn’t make a decision to accept Christ that first visit, but she did go home knowing she was loved by everyone at Youth Haven, and by the God who created her. She also received her very own Bible, the Youth Haven Trailbook.

The beauty of the Youth Haven program is that it’s more than a one-time camp experience. The children receive mail from us on a regular basis, encouraging them to read their Trailbooks and complete activities based on what they’re reading. We invite them to write to us and come back frequently. Savannah had so much fun while she was here, she couldn’t wait to come back! And she came back again and again. She began to understand Jesus’ love for her, and during one weekend retreat, she accepted Him as her Savior.

She also continues to send back her activity pages, and the note you see here accompanied her most recent one. It says, “Dear: Youth Haven, I just need to say just keep up the good work that you are doing and just keep the kids haveing fun please teach them all about God so they can teach a lot of people. You guys can do it I belive in you all.”

I quoted that exactly as she wrote it. And I wanted to share it with you because it’s not just for my staff and me.

As a supporter of our mission, that note is for you, too, directly from one of our children. Savannah’s life was changed because people like you cared enough to give so she could come to Youth Haven. Even for a weekend, she could get away from her struggles and have fun with other kids. Here, she was safe, and she was loved. Most importantly, she found the hope of Jesus! I’m excited to share that Savannah has now been adopted. She still comes to Youth Haven as often as she can, and she is learning and growing in so many ways. I have no doubt she will one day be a vibrant Christian leader because of the investment our staff, volunteers, financial supporters, and prayer partners have made in her life.

But Savannah’s story is just one of many, and as you read in her note, she shares our burden for kids who haven’t yet found the hope she has. She asked us to keep the kids having fun and teach them about God. And we ask you to continue to partner with us to make that possible.

These kids need to know they are not alone. They are not forgotten. And there is hope for the future. They won’t find it on their own; they need us to show them. I realize your giving is sacrificial, but the rewards are eternal! Savannah will be in Heaven someday because of sacrificial giving - and who knows how many others she’ll reach for Christ along the way!

We offer every disadvantaged child an opportunity to come to Youth Haven free of charge, and we don’t accept any state or federal funds. We estimate the cost for a child’s stay here to be about $384, and we offer around 3,000 scholarships for kids to participate in our programs each year. Will you please help us finish the year strong by providing for those kids?

Thank you for helping children like Savannah find hope! Have a blessed New Year!

Your Mission Partner,

Lars Carlson

President & CEO

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