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Help a Child Experience God's Love

Your gift of any amount will help a disadvantaged boy or girl experience God’s love and learn the true meaning of Christmas!

Most of us grew up hearing the account of Jesus’ birth from Luke 2 and singing songs about a baby in a manger. But many children in today’s culture don’t know anything about Jesus and the incredible way God showed us His love through the gift of His Son. They don’t know because no one ever told them. No one is willing to take them to church on Sunday morning or read the Bible to them.

For some, it’s because they’ve been shuffled from foster home to foster home. For others, neglect, domestic violence and addictions are more familiar to them than love and compassion. For many, their parents simply can’t teach them what they don’t know themselves.

These kids need our help! If they don’t have a chance to be part of Youth Haven’s programs, they may never hear the truth. This Christmas, you can help children from unfortunate circumstances experience the love they deserve. You can give them a chance to hear the true Christmas story from the Bible, perhaps for the very first time!

Through our on-site Christmas retreats, Kids’ Club after-school programs, doorstep deliveries, mail ministry, and Haven for Kids website, we’re excited to take children “Back to Bethlehem” this November and December — to show them what that very first Christmas morning really meant, and how the hope of Jesus can change their lives!

Your gifts are what make this possible, as we continue to provide our programs to disadvantaged children free of charge and are not funded by state or federal support. Please consider giving today. Click here to help a child discover Jesus this Christmas!

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