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Harvey and Friends

Harvey and his friends have been busy! Their stories and photos can be found on our kids’ website at, and the kids love them! The children can earn Harvey and Friends stickers, stuffed animals, and other prizes as they participate in our programs. Here’s how your gifts help them bring smiles to children in need:

Birthday Brigade and Care Package Deliveries

At least one character goes along with our staff to every Birthday Brigade delivery, taking toys, a special birthday card, and decorated cupcakes to disadvantaged children on their birthdays. (We make sure to send along treats for all the kids in the family!) They also accompany our staff to deliver care packages full of snacks, activities, hygiene items, and small toys to children in need.

Mail & Online

Our children’s newsletters feature Harvey and Friends comic strips, and the pals teach the children important truths from the Bible. Harvey even has his own video series on our kids’ website called “Harvey’s Scavenger Hunt.” He and his friends were also frequent guests in our virtual camp livestreams, videos, and Zoom calls with the children. Kids can earn stickers by completing activities we post online or send them in the mail. When they collect enough stickers, they receive the next stuffed animal!


Harvey and his friends love to greet the kids when they come to our campus! You might even catch them doing the motions to a chapel song or showing off their skills at the basketball court. It provides a fun incentive for the kids to participate, read their Trailbooks (Bibles), and help others to earn their Harvey and Friends gear!

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