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Giving Kids Hope in a World of Turmoil

A Letter from the President

So far, 2020 has been a difficult year for a lot of people. I don’t remember another time that was characterized by so much fear and uncertainty, illness, financial hardships, violence, and disunity.

Some of my team members were in tears when the first stay-at-home order was put in place, because they so desperately wanted to have kids on site. We prayed, we put our heads together (quite literally, in Zoom meetings), and we found new ways to meet children’s needs and show them how loved they are. We’re very excited about these initiatives and hope they become a permanent part of our ministry. And we’re thrilled that we can begin to have children with us on our campuses again!

We are committed to sharing God’s love with children who have gone through hardships of some kind. Right now, that includes a lot more children than it ever has before. Children all over our nation and our world need to be assured that God loves us all equally and perfectly, and that He carefully designed every detail when He created them. They need to know how important it is to respond to each other with love, just as Jesus did.

You are an important part of everything we do. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to help the kids who need us. I am grateful those kids have such an incredible team of people determined to give them the love they deserve. And that includes you.

Thank you for giving kids hope!

Your Mission Partner,

Lars Carlson

President & CEO

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