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From the President

Your gifts help kids find hope and comfort in unimaginable circumstances.

This fall at Youth Haven, our theme was “Fear Not,” and it focused on Joshua and the victory God gave him at Jericho. In one of our children’s newsletters, we asked the kids to write a letter to God, sharing what they’re afraid of, asking Him to help, and thanking Him for something.

One little boy sent us his letter to God, which said, “God, I am afraid of going back with my dad.” This is a very real fear that no child should ever have to face. It breaks my heart that many do. But I am so encouraged that we are able to give kids confidence that, even if they can’t trust their earthly father, they have a Heavenly Father Who is absolutely trustworthy, Who loves them and is always with them. We know this boy in particular embraced that truth, because he also wrote, “God... thank you for everything, and I mean everything.”

Your gifts to Youth Haven provide a safe and fun environment for kids facing circumstances we can’t even imagine. More importantly, your gifts provide an opportunity for children to hear the life-changing truth that God loves them so much He gave His Son for them. Your gifts help kids find hope and comfort in the midst of their fear.

Thank you so much for standing with us to help these precious kids. My wife Amy and I wish you a blessed Christmas season!

Your Mission Partner,

Lars Carlson

President & CEO

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