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A Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

Did you know 63% of people that become Christians do so between the ages of 4 and 14? It’s an interesting statistic from the National Association of Evangelicals, sent to me by my uncle, Dr. Randy Carlson. He is the CEO of Family Life Communications and serves on Youth Haven’s Board of Directors. He commented, “Youth Haven’s kids are right in the center. A reminder of the value of Youth Haven.”

Why is that statistic so important? Because the kids we serve here at Youth Haven don’t have opportunities to hear about Christ anywhere else. They’re coming to us from a variety of difficult circumstances, tough home situations where they have zero Biblical teaching. Most of them have never heard that Christmas is not about Santa Claus, reindeer, and being good enough throughout the year that he will bring you presents. If we don’t tell them about the gift of grace that came to us on that night so long ago, who will?

The Christmas season is probably my favorite time at Youth Haven. I love being with the kids during the birthday parties for Jesus, hearing them sing worship songs about Him, and seeing the excitement in their eyes when we give them gifts. Most importantly, though, I am just so grateful for the privilege of sharing the hope that began when God sent His Son to us. A baby in a manger. Someone we could relate to. But the only One who has the power to save us!

Thank you for your partnership that enables us to reach these kids with the Gospel message when they’re so receptive to it! My family and I wish you a blessed Christmas season!

Your Mission Partner,

Lars Carlson, President & CEO

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