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From the Heart of the President

When Jesus came to Earth as a baby on that very first Christmas, he brought hope to a people who were longing for a savior. He would be the one to offer grace for every failure. To pay for every sin with his own life. And he was God with us — not in a pillar of fire or cloud that we could not approach, but living and walking among us. Touching us. Healing us. Teaching us. Comforting us.

That’s the hope we are able to offer the children we serve here at Youth Haven! So many of them have never heard about the birth of Jesus, or that he is the true reason we celebrate Christmas. One of my greatest joys is sharing that truth with them!

Whether they’re here on site or watching the videos on our kids’ web site, the children get a chance to see our petting barn and the animals that live there. It’s a powerful way to illustrate that Jesus chose to be born in the most humble of environments, even though he was a king worthy of a palace. And he did that because he wanted us to know he is an approachable savior. He’s with us, in the middle of our mess, offering love and forgiveness instead of the punishment our sin deserves. It’s the greatest gift we have ever received! All we have to do is accept it.

I’m so grateful for that gift and the promise that God is always with us. And I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share that hope with kids who desperately need it. Thank you for helping to make that possible! May you experience the joy of Christ this Christmas!

Your Mission Partner,

Lars Carlson, President & CEO

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