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From the Heart of the President

Kids today are struggling in ways I believe we have not seen before in our nation’s history. We hear their stories of abuse, neglect, and violence in their homes and neighborhoods. We see the bags full of medications they take multiple times a day to help them cope with the effects of childhood trauma. PTSD is now a diagnosis we see frequently on our applications and forms.

These are children! They should be enjoying the great outdoors, playing and creating and being imaginative. They should be able to have strong, healthy friendships with other kids. They should feel safe, cared for, and valued as the individuals God created them to be.

Youth Haven is able to offer that kind of environment to hurting kids, and friends like you play a key role in making that happen. With every financial gift, act of volunteer service, or prayer whispered on a child’s behalf, you help another vulnerable child discover that he or she is God’s treasured possession, created for a purpose and loved unconditionally.

A school counselor recently told us, “Our middle school has a large population of at-risk students. I work with students who have Individualized Education Plans. The number of students who come from broken homes, struggle with mental health, sexual abuse, and trauma is increasing exponentially. I tell students daily that they have value and worth. YOUR organization can tell them WHY.”

We are in a unique position to share the love of Jesus with kids who may never hear about Him anywhere else. That’s because we provide our programs to them free of charge, and we don’t accept state or federal funding, so our hands aren’t tied by the strings they attach.

Thank you for standing with us! You are helping build our nation’s next generation!

For the Children,

Lars Carlson

President & CEO

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