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Christmas Retreats for At-Risk Children

Suggested Gift: $384 or $32 Monthly

Right here in America - in our own communities - an astonishing number of kids are faced with struggles like abuse, neglect, poverty, or separation from their families. Christmas won’t be a time of excitement and celebration for them. They’ll spend the day feeling alone, abandoned, hungry, or maybe even afraid.

Youth Haven is a local mission meeting the needs of these precious kids, providing a safe, fun environment where they are loved, accepted, and valued. Our special Christmas retreats include all of our fun weekend activities, but with a few extra touches, like breakfast in bed and a birthday party for Jesus.

We design every aspect of our programs to show the children God loves them and created them for a purpose. They learn that Jesus loves them so much He left His Heavenly home and came to Earth as a baby in a stable to give us the gift of salvation - the true reason we celebrate Christmas!

The kids who are scheduled to attend our Christmas retreats can’t pay for their stay with us. They need you to provide this opportunity for them! Your gift toward our children’s program will allow us to welcome the children to our campuses free of charge.

We estimate the cost of providing for a child’s needs for the weekend to be $384. That’s just $32 per month - much less than most people pay for their cable or satellite TV.

As you read Melissa’s words below, please consider giving a gift that will provide lasting memories and touch the life of a child this Christmas.

"Some of my best memories are of Youth Haven! I did things I would have never done had it not been for you all. I am 50 years old but remember it like it was yesterday. I went to a few Christmas retreats and the amount of gifts I got was beyond belief. My eyes were huge when we walked into the room and saw bags of stuff for us. I even remember getting a huge stuffed bulldog (red and white striped sweater!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I just wanted you to know how you touched my life." -Melissa, Former Camper

Click here to give today. Thank you!

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