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Christmas Giving Opportunities

Give a Hungry Child Food

Your $20 gift will provide food for a deserving child.

One of the best ways we can show children we care about them is to provide for their needs. That includes serving them delicious food with the nutrients their growing bodies need.

Your gift of just $20 will help ensure a child at Youth Haven receives plenty of good food to eat. For a child who often goes hungry, receiving a plate filled with food has a profound impact! By meeting this important need, you are showing love to a struggling child in the most practical way.


Send a Hurting Child a Care Pack

Your $50 gift will send a Christmas care package to a child in need!

We want to share God’s love and the Christmas message of hope with as many children as possible. And you can help!

For the second year in a row, we’re mailing Christmas packages to disadvantaged children. These care packs will be filled with a variety of items chosen with love, including snacks, games, toys, hats and gloves, and a colorful booklet sharing the story of Jesus’ birth.

We know there are children all across our nation who need hope and love this Christmas. Our care packs enable us to reach a greater number of those kids, expanding our mission beyond the limits of a geographic location. Sending a care package to a child can encourage an entire family that is struggling to make ends meet!

Thank you for helping us spread the love of Jesus to even more children this Christmas!


Help a Disadvantaged Child Experience Love this Christmas

Your gift of any amount will help ensure a hurting child can attend an on-site Christmas retreat!

Right here in America, children live with heartbreaking experiences every day. For many, Christmas is just another one of those days. They will spend the holiday in a foster home or hiding from the domestic violence they’ve grown far too accustomed to witnessing. Others will not have enough food to eat or clothes to keep them warm.

You can help a child from difficult circumstances experience fun, safety, and love at Youth Haven! From breakfast in bed to a fancy Christmas dinner, we make every effort to meet the children’s needs in a way that shows them they are incredibly special.

As part of their on-site adventure, they’ll have a chance to forget about their struggles and experience childhood the way it’s meant to be. They’ll play games, engage in fun, Christmas-themed activities, make new friends, eat amazing food, and sleep in warm, cozy beds. We’re especially excited that all the dorms the children will be using this year have bathrooms in them, so there’s no need to leave the comfort of the dorm to walk to the restrooms in the middle of the night!

Most importantly, the children will hear about the birth of Jesus Christ, His sacrifice for them, and the important truth that He will never leave them. They will share in an exciting birthday party for Jesus, and even receive gifts and toys to help show them how deeply they are loved and valued. We know they can’t pay for their stay with us, so we provide all of this free of charge. Your gifts are what make that possible!

These kids need love. They need to know who Jesus is and why his birth is worth celebrating. Thank you for giving them that chance!

From a former Youth Haven Child...

"I just wanted to say thank you! I grew up going there starting in the 1980’s and looked forward to it. I now reside in Wisconsin and was able to get my hands on my Youth Haven Bible a ways back, as I visit Michigan as often as I can. Thanks again for the experiences I had!"


Put the Gospel Message in the Hands of a Child

Your $30 gift will deliver consistent, Bible-based materials to a child at home.

Every child who is part of the Youth Haven program receives monthly mailings filled with Bible stories, Bible-based activities, challenges, and more! Each child also receives a birthday card and other post cards, letters, and activity sheets. As an incentive, kids can earn stickers and stuffed animals based on our Harvey and Friends characters by completing the activities and sending them back to us.

Your gift of $30 will provide mailings for a child for a year and allow that child, who may never set foot inside a church, to learn about Jesus at home!


Help Provide Toys for Children in Need

Your gift of a new, unwrapped toy will bring joy to a child in need this Christmas

Many of the children who are part of the Youth Haven program won’t receive any gifts this Christmas if we don’t provide them.

You can help give those kids a Merry Christmas! Please consider donating a new, unwrapped toy for a child between the ages of 7 and 13. We’ll give those toys to deserving children throughout the Christmas season. We make sure to tell them people who love and care about them purchased those gifts for them! Please include your name and address with the items you donate, so we can thank you. We’d also love to send you a photo of the happy child who receives your gift!

Toys may be dropped off at our offices, at one of our toy drive drop-off locations in partnership with Family Life Radio, or shipped directly to us. For a list of suggested toys or to shop from our Amazon wish list, please click here. Thank you!

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