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Christmas 2020

You can give a deserving child hope this Christmas!

According to Mental Health America, a child’s most important needs for mental wellbeing include unconditional love, self-confidence, a chance to play with other children, encouraging and supportive caretakers, safe and secure surroundings, and appropriate guidance and discipline.

Tragically, many kids are living in circumstances where these needs are not being met. Many have been told they’re worthless and have never experienced unconditional love. Others don’t feel safe in their own homes or don’t have a feeling of security that their needs will be met. And right now, many of them have been isolated from other kids and are missing the personal interaction they need to thrive.

You can help meet these important needs and give deserving kids the hope of Christ this Christmas!

Whether they’re on site, out in the community, or online, our programs are designed to give kids a safe, secure environment where they are loved, encouraged, and given Biblical guidance from caring adults. Where they can connect with positive role models and participate in fun activities with other kids their age. Where they learn they have incredible value and are loved unconditionally by a God Who created them for a purpose! And all of this is provided free of charge for disadvantaged children because of caring friends like you.

Please click the links below to learn more about our Christmas giving opportunities:

Your gifts matter! Please click here to help children in need this Christmas season. Thank you!

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