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2022 Christmas Giving Opportunities

Youth Haven is a local mission meeting the needs of children facing struggles like abuse, neglect, poverty, domestic violence, and other hardships. We offer a variety of programs all throughout the year to show them they are loved, accepted, and valued. Our Christmas retreats are full of great food and fun activities to make the children feel special, like breakfast in bed and a birthday party for Jesus. And we teach them the true reason we celebrate Christmas: that Jesus loves them so much He came to Earth as a baby in a manger to give them the gift of salvation!

Look below to see how you can help a disadvantaged child discover the hope of Christ this Christmas!


Provide Food for a Hungry Child

Your $30 gift will provide food for a deserving child during an on-site retreat.

Kids know we care about them when we provide for their needs. Many of the kids who come to Youth Haven don’t always get enough to eat at home. Handing those children a plate piled with delicious, nutritious food has a profound impact on them!

Your gift of $30 will help ensure a hungry child receives plenty of good food to eat while he or she is at Youth Haven. By meeting this important need, you are showing love to a child in the most practical way!


Send a Care Package to a Deserving Child

Your $50 gift will send a Christmas care package to a child in need!

You can help us share God’s love and the Christmas message of hope with children all over the United States! This Christmas, disadvantaged children can receive a Youth Haven care package filled with a variety of items chosen with love, including snacks, games, toys, hats and gloves, and a colorful booklet sharing the story of Jesus’ birth.

Children all across our nation need hope and love. Our care packs enable us to reach a greater number of those kids, expanding our mission beyond our on-site programs.

Sending a care package to a child is a practical way to share the love of Jesus with an entire family that is struggling to make ends meet!


Share the Gospel with a Child at Home

Your $25 gift will deliver consistent, Bible-based materials to a child at home.

Kids can experience Youth Haven at home through our engaging kids’ website and monthly mailings filled with Bible stories, activities, challenges, and more! Each child also receives a birthday card, post cards, letters, and activity sheets. Every time a child completes an activity and sends it back to us, we mail a personal response that includes a sticker. It’s all designed to help the children learn to read their Bibles and apply what they’re reading to their daily lives.

Your gift of $25 will provide mailings for a child for a year and allow that child, who may never set foot inside a church, to learn about Jesus at home!


Boost Self-Esteem with Harvey & Friends

Your gift of $10 provides a stuffed animal and a sense of achievement for a child!

Kids need to feel a sense of accomplishment, and they’re often motivated by rewards. That’s why we developed “Harvey and Friends” as a way of encouraging them to read their Trailbooks (Bibles) and stay connected with us. Twelve fun characters are featured throughout our printed materials and kids’ website at For each character, the kids can earn a stuffed animal wearing a Youth Haven t-shirt. They start by earning stickers for things like good behavior, memorizing verses, and completing Bible-based activity sheets. When they have earned enough stickers, they receive the next stuffed animal!

Your gift toward Harvey & Friends will boost children’s self-esteem by giving them a chance to achieve a goal they’ve worked toward!


Give a Bible to a Child Who Needs One

Your gift of $15 will place a Bible into the hands of a child who may never have held one before.

Every child who comes to Youth Haven receives a Bible to take home, known as the Youth Haven “Trailbook.” Throughout their stay with us, the kids learn how to read the Bible and memorize verses. Children who participate in our mail and online programs but aren’t able to come on site can also receive a Trailbook at the request of a parent. The Trailbook has a custom cover and full-color pages inside that teach them how to use their Bibles as a guide for life. It’s a gift that has eternal impact!


Provide Toys for Children in Need

Your gift of a new, unwrapped toy will bring joy to a deserving child!

Many children in our communities won’t receive any gifts this Christmas if we don’t provide them.

You can help give those kids a Merry Christmas! Please consider donating a new, unwrapped toy for a child between the ages of 7 and 13. We’ll give those toys to deserving children throughout the Christmas season. We make sure to tell them people who love and care about them purchased those gifts for them! Please include your name and address with the items you donate, so we can send you a photo of the happy child who receives your gift! It’s our special way to say thank you. Toys may be dropped off at our offices, at one of our toy drive drop-off locations in partnership with Family Life Radio, or shipped directly to us.

For a list of suggested toys or to shop from our Amazon wish list, please click here. Thank you!


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