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Thank You for Helping Hurting Kids Find Hope

Youth Haven Child

It’s a small word with a huge impact.

Hope gives a child strength to face a new foster home. A new school. Another transition. Another loss. It assures an abandoned child he or she is not alone. Not forgotten. Not worthless.

Hope assures children they are neither defined nor limited by their past. It inspires them to pursue their dreams and achieve something greater than they’ve ever dared to imagine before.

Hope surrounds a child with the love of Jesus and the promise of heaven. It affirms a child’s worth as God’s precious treasure, created for a purpose and not by chance.

You are giving children this life-changing hope! Through your prayers, financial gifts, and volunteer service, you are making it possible for disadvantaged boys and girls to come to Youth Haven free of charge, where they can experience fun, safety, encouragement, and the love and hope of Christ!

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